New Video Demo - Testing and Flow Measuring with Corbett Lunsford

'Home Diagnosis' co-host Corbett Lunsford visits the home of AirCycler's Jason Wolfson to discuss and test the 3 simplest, quickest methods to ventilate any home: exhaust only (1:26), supply only (5:02), and exhaust + supply (8:51) using an AirCycler G2 controller. Tested using the Testo 440 kit from TruTech Tools.

Written by CarlowSEO Collaborator — February 06, 2020

AirCycler Holiday Ventilation Guide (Infographic)

The holidays are right around the corner! With extra cooking going on and gatherings happening all the time, it's an important time to make sure you're keeping your home, family members and guests safe and comfortable by ventilating right. Young children and older adults are especially vulnerable to poor indoor air quality and pollutants.

Here a few common poor indoor air quality culprits and what to do about them...

Written by Carly Maltais — November 08, 2019

Residential Ventilation: 3 Simple and Effective Solutions

Yes, they exist!

With homes built tighter than ever the importance of ventilation, and the best way to achieve it, is top of mind for building performance professionals. The ideal ventilation system is easy to install, effective, and simple enough for the average homeowner to use.

AirCycler can help you meet ventilation requirements with these simple set-it and forget-it products

Written by Carly Maltais — March 14, 2019

ProudGreenHome: Familiar Components Connect to Deliver Economical Whole Home Ventilation

Builders looking for solutions to meet whole-home ventilation requirements can tap into a proven system that does the job at an economical cost.

The SelectCycler System from Panasonic Eco Solutions is a cost effective, whole house mechanical ventilation solution for residential and multifamily projects.

At the 2016 International Builders' Show, Jason Wolfson with AirCycler, a supplier to Panasonic products, reviewed the SelectCycler system. Watch the video here.

Written by Carly Maltais — April 15, 2016

National Electrical Code 725.136 Explained

Once in a while we get questions from the field regarding NEC 725.136 and the installation of the FanConnect™ switch. Specifically, whether or not Class 3 cable is sufficient for installation. The answer is yes, and we've enlisted the help of code expert Mike Holt of Mike Holt Enterprises to explain. See his answer here

Written by Carly Maltais — March 18, 2016

The (Small) Cost of Ventilation Without Recovery

It is a common misconception that mechanical ventilation without recovery will cost a homeowner hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year in energy costs. If we tighten up a home and then put a 6" hole in the wall and bring in outside air, we must be running the electric bill through the roof. The truth is, we're actually talking tens of dollars - a year - in most cases. Take my home for example: I live in New England in a roughly 2,000 square foot home with oil heat. I got an estimate of $38-$144/year to operate an AirCycler® g2-k, depending on the tightness of my home. That’s roughly $3-$12/month. How do we know? We calculated it.

Written by Carly Maltais — May 13, 2015

AirCycler® Releases Hybrid Whole House-Exhaust Ventilation System to Meet ASHRAE 62.2 Requirements

We have recently released our cutting-edge AirCycler® g2 Furnace Fan Timer, designed to be the most cost-efficient and effective solution in the industry for meeting ASHRAE 62.2 whole house mechanical ventilation requirements. Using a patented algorithm, the AirCycler® g2 combines both central furnace fan integrated ventilation and exhaust fan ventilation methods for the ultimate whole house ventilation system.

Written by Carly Maltais — December 16, 2014

SmartExhaust™ Available in Rocker Style

The popular SmartExhaust™ switch that meets an abundance of ventilation codes is now available as the new SmartExhaust™ Rocker.  With the same features as the Toggle version, the Rocker offers an additional benefit of style for modern decor.  

Written by Jason Wolfson — September 10, 2014

Lipidex Corp. Announces the GarageVent™ Garage Fan

The Lipidex Corp. announces the GarageVent™ garage fan timer/temperature controller to meet several new energy efficient building codes. The GarageVent™ is a simple, flexible and economical solution for optimal garage ventilation. For more information, check out our GarageVent™ Information Page.  

Written by Jason Wolfson — September 10, 2014