Helpful Tips for Finding Your Distributor
  • If your distributor is listed here but having trouble finding us in their vendor system, be sure to have them look under Lipidex Corp as well as AirCycler.
  • Our database may not include every branch of a national distribution company but national companies do have a "blanket" account with us, meaning all branches are approved to distribute AirCycler products. If you aren't seeing your branch here please contact us so we can set you up in the system -
  • Our product part numbers are listed below the map. Please use these when placing an order with one of our distributors.



AirCycler® Product Part Numbers

SE1-W SmartExhaust™ Toggle - White ACG1D-08 AirCycler® g1 + 8" Damper
SE1-A SmartExhaust™ Toggle - Almond ACG1D-10 AirCycler® g1 + 10" Damper
SED-S SmartExhaust™ Rocker AC-G2
AirCycler® g2 Controller
SEDR-A Almond Rocker Switch Cover ACG2K-06
AirCycler® g2 + FanConnect™ + 6" Damper
SEDR-BL Black Rocker Switch Cover ACG2K-04
AirCycler® g2 + FanConnect™ + 4" Damper
SEDR-BR Brown Rocker Switch Cover ACG2K-08
AirCycler® g2 + FanConnect™ + 8" Damper
SEDR-I Ivory Rocker Switch Cover ACG2K-10
AirCycler® g2 + FanConnect™ + 10" Damper
AC-FCS FanConnect™ Switch - White ACG2D-06
AirCycler® g2 + 6" Damper
AC-FCSA FanConnect™ Switch - Almond ACG2D-04
AirCycler® g2 + 4" Damper
GVC-01 GarageVent™ Controller ACG2D-08
AirCycler® g2 + 8" Damper
GVDK-012 GarageVent™ Door Kit (2 Door Switches) ACG2D-10
AirCycler® g2 + 10" Damper
ACTG-C01 TempGuard™ Cold Temperature Sensor
ACTG-H01 TempGuard™ Hot Temperature Sensor
ACRR RangeRelief RangeHood Pressure Sensor
ACG1 AirCycler® g1 Controller
ACG1D-06 AirCycler® g1 + 6" Damper
ACG1D-04 AirCycler® g1 + 4" Damper