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The AirCycler® g1 is a furnace fan timer and ventilation controller that provides whole house ventilation. The g1 controller interlocks with the existing central furnace fan and ductwork to deliver fresh air throughout the home at the same time that the home is heating or cooling, and introduces a controlled amount of fresh air into the home when additional ventilation is needed

AirCycler® g1 Information Sheet

AirCycler® g1 Installation & User's Guide

AirCycler® g1 Installation Testing Guide

AirCycler® g1 Ducted Mini Split Wiring

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The AirCycler® g2 is a furnace fan timer and ventilation controller that provides both whole house ventilation and exhaust ventilation control. The g2 controller interlocks with the existing central furnace fan, bath fan and ductwork to deliver fresh air throughout the home, in conjunction with the already operating HVAC system. The AirCycler® g2 introduces a controlled amount of fresh air into the home when additional ventilation is needed.

AirCycler® g2 Information Sheet

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FanConnect™ Details & Wiring

FanConnect™ Wiring - NEC 725.136 Compliance by Mike Holt

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Special Wiring Options

AirCycler® g2 Wiring - 2-Wire Damper

AirCycler® g2 Wiring - 2 Bathrooms, 1 Exhaust Fan

FanConnect™ Wiring - 2 Bathrooms, 2 Exhaust Fans

AirCycler® g2 Wiring - Supply Fan + Exhaust Fan (No AHU)

Booster Fan Wiring

Communicating Thermostat Wiring

Carrier Communicating Furnace Wiring

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The RangeRelief™ Rangehood Pressure Relief Control Switch works with any AirCycler® motorized damperbased system to provide automatic rangehood pressure relief. By pairing the RangeRelief™ Pressure Switch with a motorized damper, RangeRelief will open the damper allowing make up air to enter as soon as the rangehood is turned on.

RangeRelief Information Sheet

RangeRelief Installation Guide

AirCycler® g1 Wiring - RangeRelief

AirCycler® g2 Wiring - RangeRelief

Alternate RangeRelief Wiring Options


Using the TempGuard™ Temperature Sensor, mechanical ventilation can be automatically disabled when temperatures reach extreme hot or cold.

TempGuard™ Information Sheet

TempGuard™ Wiring Guide


The SmartExhaust™ is designed to replace the bathroom fan and light switches with one smart controller and features programmable settings for running the exhaust fan as much or as little as you want, automatically.

SmartExhaust™ Information Sheet

Installation & User's Guide

SmartExhaust™ Testing Guide

SmartExhaust™ Wiring - 1 Common Exhaust Fan, 2 SmartExhausts


The AirCycler® FRV Furnace Fan Timer is a whole house ventilation system that integrates with the central furnace fan and existing ductwork to deliver fresh air throughout the home. This item has been discontinued. To replace, purchase the AirCycler® g1 controller. The AirCycler® g1 is a direct replacement for the FRV and can be placed on the same base, no rewiring required. 

AirCycler® FRV Installation & User's Guide


The GarageVent™ is a garage ventilation controller with exhaust fan
delay and temperature settings. This product provides exhaust ventilation. The GarageVent™ controls ventilation based on a pre-set delay time and/or a pre-set temperature. When a door is opened, the GarageVent™ turns on the exhaust fan. The fan will continue to run after the door is closed until the pre-set delay time is reached.

GarageVent™ Information Sheet

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Installation & User's Guide


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