We have recently released our cutting-edge AirCycler® g2 Furnace Fan Timer, designed to be the most cost-efficient and effective solution in the industry for meeting ASHRAE 62.2 whole house mechanical ventilation requirements. Using a patented algorithm, the AirCycler® g2 combines both central furnace fan integrated ventilation and exhaust fan ventilation methods for the ultimate whole house ventilation system.

Recommended by leading building scientists and architects across the country, the AirCycler® g2 is a significantly more affordable whole house ventilation solution than HRV or ERV systems and results in the lowest HERS score of any system on the market. It features precise ventilation control for ultimate efficiency, outputs for operating a motorized fresh air damper and remote exhaust fan switch, optional bath fan delay timer functions, and programmable hours of operation. The AirCycler® g2 can be purchased individually or in the AirCycler® g2-k kit, which includes the AirCycler® g2, a stainless steel motorized damper and FanConnect™ exhaust fan/light switch. The AirCycler® g2 is the next generation to the popular AirCycler® FRV Furnace Fan Timer and is a direct, pin compatible replacement.

Using the AirCycler® g2, hourly ventilation requirements are set by entering the measured airflow and airflow required by building code. Integrated with the central furnace fan, the AirCycler® g2 then precisely calculates the central fan run time necessary to provide adequate ventilation and will open a fresh air damper anytime the central fan is turned on by the thermostat to provide heating or cooling, letting in a measured amount of fresh air that is distributed uniformly throughout the home. Once ventilation requirements are met the damper is closed to prevent over ventilation.

If ventilation requirements are not met with normal heating or cooling, the AirCycler® g2 can either force on the central furnace fan or, by using the new FanConnect™ bath fan/light switch, energize a smaller more efficient exhaust fan such as the bath fan to make up required ventilation for that period. The FanConnect™ switch also allows for bath fan delay timer functions to address the bath as a point source of pollution.

Additional AirCycler® products compatible with the AirCycler® g2 and g2-k are the RangeRelief Rangehood Pressure Relief Control Switch, a low cost solution for depressurization issues, and the TempGuard™ Sensor for disabling fresh air dampers in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Both of these products offer simple installation and can easily improve whole house mechanical ventilation operation and efficiency.

We have been providing innovative ventilation solutions since the introduction of the AirCycler® FRV in 1997 born out of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America program.  AirCycler® products are a critical part of the new energy efficient, cost effective design strategy that is now used in homes across the country.

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Written by Carly Maltais — December 16, 2014