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The SmartExhaust™ Bath Fan/Light Switch is a simple and efficient solution for achieving adequate bathroom ventilation and meeting exhaust ventilation requirements. The SmartExhaust™ is designed to replace the bathroom fan and light switches with one smart controller and features programmable settings for running the exhaust fan as much or as little as you want, automatically.


  • Earn LEED and ENERGY STAR points for enhanced exhaust ventilation*
  • Make standard bath fans ASHRAE 62.2 compliant*
  • Smart microprocessor provides precise, user-controlled ventilation
  • Works with most incandescent, CFL, fluorescent and LED lights
  • Optional light and fan time out after 60 minutes (Rocker only)
  • Available in toggle and rocker models in a variety of colors
*When used with ASHRAE 62.2 compliant fans


The SmartExhaust™ is a bath fan and light switch* that also serves as a ventilation controller and fan delay timer. This product provides whole house exhaust ventilation. (*Wiring the SmartExhaust™ to operate a light is optional)

With other fan and light switches, the time that someone is occupying the bathroom does not always provide sufficient run time for the fan to eliminate bathroom humidity or contaminants. Using the SmartExhaust™ Ventilation and Delay settings, the fan can be set to run on a timer so that adequate ventilation can be met even after someone exits the bathroom.

Using the Ventilation setting, the user is able to set the number of minutes per hour that the bathroom exhaust fan should run to achieve desired/required ventilation. Using the Delay setting, the user is able to set the number of minutes the fan should run after the SmartExhaust™ switch has been turned off. When the switch is turned off, the fan continues to run for the set delay time.

By combining the fan switch with the light switch, the SmartExhaust™ also becomes an occupancy sensor.



  • Move switch up to turn on the fan and light
  • Move switch down to turn off the light. The fan will continue to run for a pre-set DELAY time (unless manually canceled)
  • To cancel DELAY time for the toggle version, turn the switch off and back on again within three seconds. Within another three seconds, turn the switch off and the fan will shut off canceling the DELAY for that use. For the rocker version, simply turn the switch off again after use.
  • DELAY will not activate until the light/fan has been on for at least 10 seconds
  • The fan will automatically come on once per hour for the pre-set VENTILATION time.

Any manual fan operation and DELAY operation will be subtracted from the pre-set VENTILATION time for that hour. If manual fan operation and DELAY operation exceed pre-set VENTILATION time, the excess time will be subtracted from the next hour’s total VENTILATION time.



Light: 450 Watts @ 120 VAC (Blue Wire)
Fan: 150 Watts @ 120 VAC (Red Wire)
Operation: 120 VAC 60hz ± 10% (Red Wire)
2.5” Minimum wall box recommended
Cover plate not included. Use any standard switch plate.

Bulb Compatibility

Our SmartExhaust™ Rocker style switches (Part no. SED-S) are compatible with most but not all LED bulbs. There are a wide variety of bulb types and bulb qualities now available - we recommend using a DIMMABLE LED bulb to avoid light flickering issues.

We are not made aware of product changes made by bulb manufacturers so we recommend referring to the bulb manufacturer for current specifications. Most bulb manufacturers have compatibility information available so that you can confirm proper functionality between the bulb and switch type.





This product may be protected by one or more of the following patents and patents pending:
8185244, 7258280, 6431268, 881806, 547017, Canada 2245135