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Replacing the AirCycler® FRV

The new AirCycler® g1 controller is our best supply ventilation solution yet. Featuring a patented algorithm for automatic ventilation time calculation and ultra efficient operation, the AirCycler® g1 is the optimal solution for smart and simple whole house ventilation. Key features include a new simple setup mode, programmable hours of operation, the option for temperature control and integrated rangehood pressure relief for solving depressurization issues. The AirCycler® g1 is a direct, pin-compatible replacement for the AirCycler® FRV.

Both energy efficient and cost effective, the AirCycler® g1 integrates with the existing central furnace fan and ductwork to deliver fresh air throughout the home at the same time that the home is heating or cooling. By working in conjunction with the already operation HVAC system, the AirCycler® g1 results in significant energy savings over other supply ventilation solutions.


  • Helps meet ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation standards
  • Direct replacement for the AirCycler® FRV (see below)
  • Patented algorithm provides increased energy efficiency
  • Simple installation and programming
  • Features programmable hours of operation with accessories for temperature control and rangehood pressure relief


The AirCycler® g1 is a furnace fan timer and ventilation controller with an output for operating a motorized fresh air damper*. This system provides whole house supply ventilation through central furnace fan integration.

During installation, ventilation requirements are set by entering the measured airflow and airflow required by code (Calculated Flow Setup), or by entering the desired amount of ventilation per hour (Calculated Time Setup). The AirCycler® g1 is integrated with the central furnace fan so that any time the central fan turns on to provide heating or cooling, the AirCycler® g1 opens a motorized fresh air damper. The fresh air is then distributed uniformly throughout the home through the existing ductwork. Once the ventilation requirements are met, the fresh air damper is closed to prevent over-ventilation.

Through a patented algorithm, the AirCycler® g1 logs the ventilation time elapsed during heating or cooling cycles and compares it with the total ventilation requirements set. The AirCycler® g1 then calculates whether or not hourly requirements have been met. If not, the AirCycler® g1 will power on the central fan and open the motorized damper until reaching the required ventilation. By utilizing the already operating furnace fan and bringing in fresh air during heating or cooling calls, and by not operating the furnace fan continuously, the AirCycler® g1 system offers significant energy savings over other supply ventilation solutions.

Available with the AirCycler® g1 are our TempGuard™ Temperature Sensors for monitoring outside air temperature - hot or cold - during ventilation and RangeRelief Rangehood Pressure Relief Switch for solving depressurization issues.

Combine the AirCycler® g1 controller with a motorized damper for the AirCycler® g1-D Whole House Ventilation System (Part no. ACG1-D).


The AirCycler® g1 is designed to be pin compatible with the AirCycler® FRV. To replace the AirCycler® FRV with the AirCycler® g1 just pull the old FRV unit off the base and replace it with the new g1 controller. There is no installation or rewiring necessary.

Setup of the AirCycler® g1 is even easier than the FRV. Watch a short instructional video or see how AirCycler® g1 setup compares to the FRV.


Operating Voltage: 24 VAC (up to 30 VAC max)
Current Draw: 0.07 Amps
Two Setup Options: Calculated Time or Calculated CFM
Optional Damper: 24VAC (up to 30 VAC max)

*Please note the AirCycler® g1 is NOT compatible with communicating thermostats





G1 Wiring



Calculated Flow
If you know the amount of fresh air that goes into the air handler as well as the flow required by code, you can simply enter them into the AirCycler® g1 controller during set up. The g1 will do the rest. (See flow chart for details)

Calculated Time
If you’d prefer to configure the amount of time you want fresh air ventilation per hour, you can enter the total minutes per hour into the AirCycler® g1. The controller will do the rest. (See flow chart for details)


This product may be protected by one or more of the following patents and patents pending:
8185244, 7258280, 6431268, 881806, 547017, Canada 2245135