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This item has been discontinued.
To replace, purchase the AirCycler® g1
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This item has been discontinued. To replace, purchase the AirCycler® g1 controller. The AirCycler® g1 is a direct replacement for the FRV and can be placed on the same base, no rewiring required. 

The AirCycler® FRV Furnace Fan Timer is a whole house ventilation system that integrates with the central furnace fan and existing ductwork to deliver fresh air throughout the home. Using the programmable ON/OFF timer the AirCycler® FRV allows for the enabling and disabling of the central furnace fan and motorized damper to control ventilation. 


The AirCycler® FRV is a furnace fan timer and ventilation controller with an output for operating a motorized fresh air damper*. This product provides whole house supply ventilation through central furnace fan integration.

During installation the AirCycler® FRV is programmed with the amount of ventilation desired. Through intregration with the central furnace fan, the AirCycler® FRV is able to detect when the central fan operates for regular heating and cooling cycles- during which time air is being circulated throughout the home - and compares that operation time with the total ventilation time set during installation.

If the ventilation requirements have not been met, the AirCycler® FRV automatically powers on the central fan until the desired ventilation time has been reached. Each time the AirCycler® FRV powers on the central fan it also opens a motorized damper to allow fresh air to enter the home. Using the programmable ON/OFF settings for both the fan and the damper, the central fan is not running continuously and energy efficiency is maintained.

By mixing/circulating air from each room, the AirCycler® FRV allows for an “averaging” of air temperature and humidity throughout the home and improves air quality by introducing fresh air and eliminating stagnant air. The AirCycler® FRV works independently of the thermostat.


Visit our Manuals & Literature page for wiring schematics special to your application.


Current Draw: 0.07 Amps

Optional Damper: 24VAC (up to 30VAC max)

Programmable Fan & Vent ON/OFF Timer

Operating Voltage: 24 VAC (up to 30 VAC max)



This product may be protected by one or more of the following patents and patents pending:
8185244, 7258280, 6431268, 881806, 547017, Canada 2245135