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Item# Product Description
GVC-01 GarageVent Ventilation Controller with Temperature and Delay Settings (2 Door Switches Included)
GVDK-012 GarageVent Door Kit (2 Additional Door Switches. Does not include controller.)

Attached garages are an obvious source of airborne contaminants. Without proper ventilation, toxic fumes, such as carbon monoxide, and unhealthy vapors from cars and lawn and garden chemicals can easily enter the home. Without ventilation or with insufficient ventilation systems, a garage can be extremely hazardous. The GarageVent™ is a simple, flexible, and economical solution for proper garage ventilation.

The GarageVent™ has the ability to control ventilation based on two factors: a set DELAY run time after the garage door is closed and/or a set TEMPERATURE. This controller is also a great option for attic ventilation.   

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