SmartExhaust™ Rocker

Item # Product Description

Bath Fan and Light Switch with Ventilation Control and Delay Timer in Rocker Style (Standard White)

SEDR-W White Rocker Switch Cover
SEDR-A Almond Rocker Switch Cover
SEDR-I Ivory Rocker Switch Cover
SEDR-BL Black Rocker Switch Cover
SEDR-BR Brown Rocker Switch Cover

The SmartExhaust™ is designed to replace bathroom fan and light switches and provides both functions with one easy operation. By using a microprocessor to monitor and control operation, the SmartExhaust™ delivers a precise amount of ventilation automatically. 


Our SmartExhaust™ Rocker style switches (Part no. SED-S) are compatible with most but not all LED bulbs. There are a wide variety of bulb types and bulb qualities now available - we recommend using a DIMMABLE LED bulb to avoid light flickering issues.

We are not made aware of product changes made by bulb manufacturers so we recommend referring to the bulb manufacturer for current specifications. Most bulb manufacturers have compatibility information available so that you can confirm proper functionality between the bulb and switch type.

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