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This item has been discontinued.

We have made the decision to end the production of our 18-year old STAT product. As a ventilation controls company we recognize that our research and development focus has not been on temperature controls. Now that the patent on fan cycling technology has expired, we feel comfortable with the thermostat options available in the market with fan cycling for our STAT customers. Other features now available in the market include programmability and wireless control, features that we are not prepared to offer.


Most standard 5-wire thermostats on the market can be used to replace the AirCycler® STAT. We recommend that you choose a thermostat with a fan cycling feature for ventilation. 

Make sure to set the new thermostat to electric heat so that it will energize the fan signal.

There are other AirCycler® STAT features driven by a sensor in a phone jack, which you will no longer need. These features include priority to domestic hot water use (like showers) over calls for heating, and the circulation for the water in the heat pump every 24 hours, if there hasn't been a call for heating in that time. These are clever features, but not necessary for the proper use of your heating and cooling system. 



A single-stage-heat-pump-compatable thermostat controls normal heating, cooling, and fan operation.

Ventilation and Whole-House Mixing

The AirCycler® STAT improves indoor air quality and comfort by operating a central fan during periods of thermostat inactivity. Should an outside duct be connected to the air handler return duct, the AirCycler® STAT allows a selectable minimum amount of ventilation.  With a motorized outside air damper, the air flow can be limited to a programmable maximum. 


Pump Cycling

For domestic hot water-based heating systems, during non-heating season, the circulating pump operates automatically to avoid any potential microbial contamination of the system.

See STAT instructions here

Having trouble adjusting your STAT?

If your STAT does not seem to respond properly when you hit the buttons it could need a cleaning. Clean out the housing of your STAT as well as the buttons. See our button cleaning instructions here.

If cleaning does not solve the problem, purchase the STAT Rebuild Kit: 

  • New buttons

  • New front cover

  • Instruction card

Purchase the STAT Rebuild Kit

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