Does the device have power?

You can determine that device is powered if the LCD display is illuminated.  
If it is not illuminated, check the common wire connection. C must be connected to C on the furnace.  


Why is my AirCycler® running constantly?

Check your thermostat. If the air handler is running when it shouldn't, first determine what state the AirCycler® is in. If the AirCycler® is telling you that it sees an input from the thermostat, make sure the FAN switch is set to AUTO and not ON and that it is not calling for heating or cooling.  


How do I test my AirCycler®?

Trained technicians use Test Mode to verify or demonstrate the control operation. The test mode will display fan activity in seconds rather than minutes. To activate Test Mode follow these steps:

  1. Press thet Mode button.
  2. Press the Mode button a second time and hold for 6 seconds. 
  3. To exit test mode and return to Operating Mode, turn the AirCycler® off.
  4. Hold the Mode button for two seconds, and then press Mode again to turn the AirCycler on.

As a safeguard, the AirCycler® will automatically exit Test Mode after 10 minutes. 


My AirCycler® has a blank display.

  1. The furnace has power
  2. The thermostat is operational
  3. The furnace will call for heat from the thermostat
  4. The fan operates with a fan only signal from the thermostat
  5. Confirm the furnace is providing 24 VAC to the AirCycler®
  6. Verify wiring conforms to wiring diagram
  7. Make sure top is firmly seated in the base

My AirCycler® FRV turns furnace fan on and off, but the motorized damper does not cycle.

  1. Verify that the AirCycler® is providing a 24 VAC signal to the motorized damper
  2. Verify that 24 VAC motorized damper is operational by powering directly with a 24 VAC signal
  3. Verify continuity in the wiring between the damper and the AirCycler®

My AirCycler® FRV turns on during fan cycling calls. 

  1. Verify wiring conforms to wiring diagram
  2. Verify the G wire is properly connected
  3. The G wire needs to be interrupted by the AirCycler®.  Do not run the G wire parallel.