AirCycler® g1 Supply Ventilation System

 Item # Product Description
AC-G1D-06 AirCycler® g1 Ventilation Controller + 6" Motorized Damper - COMPLETE KIT
AC-G1D-04 AirCycler® g1 Ventilation Controller + 4" Motorized Damper - COMPLETE KIT
AC-G1D-08 AirCycler® g1 Ventilation Controller + 8" Motorized Damper - COMPLETE KIT
AC-G1 AirCycler® g1 Ventilation Controller

*Please note the AirCycler® g1 is NOT compatible with communicating thermostats.

AirCycler® g1 Whole House Ventilation System

The AirCycler® g1 furnace fan timer is a smart, simple solution for achieving whole house supply ventilation. Both energy efficient and cost effective, the AirCycler® g1 integrates with the existing central furnace fan and ductwork to deliver fresh air throughout the home at the same time that the home is heating or cooling. By working in conjunction with the already operation HVAC system, the AirCycler® g1 results in significant energy savings over other supply ventilation solutions.

Combine the AirCycler® g1 controller with a motorized damper for a complete whole house ventilation system. The AirCycler® g1-d provides the most economical solution for whole house mechanical ventilation by maximizing the efficiency of central fan integrated ventilation.

Direct Replacement for the AirCycler® FRV

The AirCycler® g1 is designed to be pin compatible with the AirCycler® FRV. To replace the AirCycler® FRV with the AirCycler® g1 just pull the old FRV unit off the base and replace it with the new g1 controller. There is no installation or rewiring necessary.

Setup of the AirCycler® g1 is even easier than the FRV. Watch a short instructional video or see how AirCycler® g1 setup compares to the FRV.

AirCycler® g1 Product Cut Sheet