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The AirCycler® FRV offers an easy and personalized solution for delivering fresh air throughout a home with one user friendly controller. Recommended by HVAC engineers and ASHRAE 62.2, the AirCycler® FRV is an effective and economical solution for improving indoor air quality.

By periodically operating the central heating and cooling system fan, the AirCycler® FRV improves the temperature control, humidity and filtration system in a house. The controller allows for “averaging” of air temperature throughout the house while eliminating stagnant and uncomfortable air that a thermostat cannot detect. The controller is smart because it knows when the central fan system operates and only activates the fan after a selected period of time.

The AirCycler® FRV works independently of the thermostat to provide better control of fresh air with a consistent and automatic operation. It delivers fresh air but maintains energy efficiently.


    • Helps meet ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation requirements
    • Enhance whole house filtration systems
    • Interlock HRV/ERV systems for use with existing ductwork
    • Control exhaust fan(s) for balanced ventilation
    • Enhanced temperature control
    • Enhanced humidity control
    • Comes factory preset with 90% of its applications
    • Retains programming during power failure
    • LCD display provides current status and troubleshooting


Combine the AirCycler® FRV controller with a motorized damper for the AirCycler® VS Whole House Ventilation Solution.

This fool proof system allows you to use your existing ductwork and air handler to meet all of your mechanical ventilation needs. By combining the AirCycler® FRV controller and motorized damper, you can personalize the system to work for you. 

Adding a 24VAC motorized damper will effectively regulate fresh air ventilation. This system is particularly effective in extreme climates where extended heat or cooling operation occurs more frequently. The AirCycler® VS Whole House Ventilation Solution comes with the FRV controller and a motorized damper.


  • Factory settings provide 10 minutes of VENT ON time followed by 20 minutes of VENT OFF time. The LCD display will indicate the current damper activity.
  • If the fan is on and the damper is open, the display will indicate VENT ON and the time remaining until the damper closes.
  • If the fan is on and the damper is closed, the display will indicate VENT OFF and the time remaining until the damper opens.
  • The display will alternate between FAN time and VENT times.


Operating Voltage: 24 VAC (up to 30 VAC max)

Current Draw: 0.07 Amps

Fan and Vent ON/OFF Time Settings: 1 to 199 minutes in 1 minute increments plus an unlimited setting for both on and off

The ON/OFF function enables or disables the fan recycling functiion, but all thermostat control signals operate regardless of the switch position.


This product may be protected by one or more of
the following patents and patents pending:
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