AirCycler® STAT

Item# Product Description
STAT Single set point digital thermostat with furnace fan timer and damper control 
  • Improves comfort by eliminating stagnant air
  • Improves temperature and humidity control
  • Distributes and mixes air
  • Improves filtration system effectiveness
  • Improves ventilation efficiency with air damper control

Advanced Features:


A single-stage-heat-pump-compatable thermostat controls normal heating, cooling, and fan operation.

Ventilation and Whole-House Mixing

 The AirCycler® STAT improves indoor air quality and comfort by operating a central fan during periods of thermostat inactivity. Should an outside duct be connected to the air handler return duct, the AirCycler® STAT allows a selectable minimum amount of ventilation.  With a motorized outside air damper, the air flow can be limited to a programmable maximum.

Pump Cycling 

For domestic hot water-based heating systems, during non-heating season, the circulating pump operates automatically to avoid any potential microbial contamination of the system.

See STAT instructions here